Carol Hamilton


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Carol Hamilton has been painting most of her life. Her aesthetic roots are in the western landscape and science. After receiving her MFA in painting from the University of Wyoming, Hamilton travelled and taught art in the western states at university and secondary levels.  Influenced by living in the austere beauty of the Sonoran desert and working in encaustic transformed her work from figurative to abstraction.  Hamilton is a member of the artist collective Intersect and is a resident artist at the Starline Factory Gallery in Harvard, Illinois. Carol’s work is in public collections in Wyoming and Arizona as well as private collections.

Artist Statement:

I create abstract paintings that are inspired by the floating world of transience and impermanence. I want them to be a vehicle for contemplation.  Natural science and earth processes inform the shapes and composition and I view them as a metaphor for human experience. Process, the physical act of creating, intrigues me: the manipulation of the paint with fire; responding to the surface intuitively; then finding the delicate balance between intuition and editing to bring the work to completion.