Cat Crotchett


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Cat Crotchett’s studio work focuses on painting characterized by layers of information interweaving Eastern and Western patterned references, painted in vibrant colors and textured surfaces. She has an extensive exhibition record including international and national solo exhibits and invitational and juried shows. Professor Crotchett is currently the College of Fine Arts Roehrick Distinguished Professor at Western Michigan University and teaches painting, drawing and art appreciation in the Frostic School of Art.

Artist Statement:

 I’ve always been interested in pattern and fragments of information. How our brain processes parts of things when they’re put next to each other without being able to physically see the greater whole. My work combines elements of Eastern and Western patterns in fragments that together represent something different than their individual parts. They represent an intersection of information as well as ideas of cultural appropriation, assimilation, fragmentation and alteration. I’ve focused on the interrelationships between patterns and the new identities that are formed when patterns are layered or juxtaposed.