Jenny Learner


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Chicagoan Jenny Learner has been making art her entire life. Classically trained at The American Academy of Art and self taught in interior, surface design and photography. For over thirty five years this multi-faceted artist has been designing custom room dividers, screens, hand painted wall covering, fabric, murals, and site specific art for interior designers and architects. She exhibits, teaches, curates, juries locally and nationally. She currently has her studio, teaching facility, and Gallery in Studio 303 at The Zhou B Art Museum in Chicago.

Artist Statement:

As a multi-style decorative artist I am always trying new techniques and media. I choose to express peace and beauty in my work and hope my enthusiasm is transferred to the viewer, I see the World through Rose colored glasses and have a deep love and concern for our Planet’s environmental future.

Meeting the Encaustic medium was a special treat in my life and has steered me in ways I never expected. An elixir. Imagine painting and sculpting within the wonderful realm of flowers and honey. The medium’s luminosity, transparency, aromatherapy, alchemy, along with the constant surprises which the heat works unexpected magical results. Inspired by art in dream time and all that nature as to see, feel, and smell.