Kim Fuller

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My love for Art began at ISU, where I focused on metal working and art that could be worn. I love the idea of the human body acting as a gallery for my own art pieces. I wanted to immerse myself even more in creative avenues, so I became an Art Educator in the  Chicago Suburbs teaching 3D Studio Art and Advanced  2D Art.  Being an Art teacher, I am constantly learning new approaches and developing fresh ideas surrounded by young

Artist Statement:

I am interested in process, change, and growth and the effect of how decay can bring about new life or even new perspectives. I work in mediums that offer an endless opportunity of outcomes  and altering surfaces which is why wax, metal, and clay have been my voice for expression.   I am constantly exploring different surfaces to put wax on and how I can combine the love of these three mediums while getting lost in the process of making art.