Laura LaRue



Artist Statement:

Yearning to capture feelings of nostalgia and fleeting moments, I attempt to give them permanence in an abstract yet tangible form. Colors, textures and little mementos are used to represent and ultimately recapture snippets from another time and place. Recalling fragmented details like the color of the ocean nearest the shore, or the clarity of the horizon dividing the sky and the earth, is where I draw inspiration. My immersion into this versatile medium is in a constant state of flux as I learn different techniques and continually stumble upon new inspirations.


Laura LaRue is an artist and high school art teacher who works and resides with her family on the northwest side of Chicago. Laura received her bachelor’s degree in art education concentrating in ceramics from Eastern Illinois University and has a master’s in curriculum and instruction. She discovered the art of encaustic painting in 2010 and then displayed her work at a local gallery in 2011, winning best of show three times in the following years, and has since found support, success and further opportunities through FUSED Chicago.