Lori Harris





I opened Salt Creek Butterfly Farm in 2011 to share my obsession of art-in-nature with the community.  We plant butterfly habitat, collect butterfly eggs, raise caterpillars and release butterflies all summer long.  Being intimately familiar with the lifecycle of my subject matter has taught me to look, observe, interpret, compare and contrast at a level I never experienced until recently.  Although I’ve photographed, painted and drawn for years, I’m very new to the medium of encaustics – and it’s absolutely thrilling.


Artist Statement:

The natural world is so bejeweled by line, color, shape, pattern and texture that I find just seeing is an absolute gift. My work explores the vast variations of these elements of art on butterfly and moth wings, on caterpillars, and chrysalides. I’ve been thrilled to work with encaustics since the medium is every bit as rich and seductive as pattern and color are.