Marissa Voytenko





Marissa Voytenko is an abstract encaustic painter whose work explores relatable psychological themes through a framework of grids and squares. Marissa is the recipient of the Alden B. Dow Solo Exhibition Award from the Dow Museum of Art and Science in Midland, Michigan and a fellowship from the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center in Forest Hills, MI. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in L’viv, Ukraine. Born and raised in northern California, Marissa currently lives and works in Glen Ellyn, Illinois together with her husband and two young children. She is represented by the LaFontsee Galleries in Michigan and HG Fine Art in Orlando, Florida.

Artist Statement:

I have chosen encaustic as my main medium for working because I have come to appreciate and enjoy the way the fluid hot wax pushes me beyond precision. In contrast to the fluidity of the medium with which I work, I am a very orderly person and I think in grids. Much of my work is centered around structures – squares, grids, blocks and towers – and occasional text and drawn images. I draw inspiration from a myriad places and experiences but often the drive to create is fueled by a present circumstance that I am mulling over in my inner psyche.