Michael J. Ochs


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An Illinois native, I currently reside in Plainfield after studying Liberal Arts at the University of Iowa and Business Administration at Lewis University. I have a pharmacy technician certification and am currently working towards a nursing degree.

My encaustic journey began in early 2015 when I attended a workshop hosted by Chicago’s Ahavani Mullen. Since then, I’ve built a home studio where I spend the majority of my free-time experimenting with encaustic technique, framing and composition. All of my works thus far have been individual of each other in process, scope and style.

Artist Statement:

I don’t strive to create any specific type of artistic environment. Instead, it’s the environment, the process, which is defining me. My paintings incorporate beeswax, paper, metal, oil, photographs, dry pigments and ink. My goal isn’t to expect recognition, but only to surprise myself. It is my hope that the viewer sees their own potential. That they are encouraged to take risks and remain productive without fear of judgment or expectation.