Sarah Rehmer


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Sarah Rehmer was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, where she still resides. In 2003 Rehmer earned her BA in Graphic Design and Photography from Dominican University in River Forest, IL. She found her love for working with pages from old books while auditing a class post-graduation at the university. Rehmer is a FY2012 Illinois Arts Council – Professional Development Grant recipient and her work is held in private and corporate collections around the country and internationally. Rehmer teaches classes and workshops around the Midwest.

Artist Statement:

My work uses the dismantled and decaying antique book as metaphor for memory and memory loss. I use the interior pages of the book, both the blank end pages that are devoid of information and the interior text pages, presented out of order and lacking context. I am interested in what happens to these memories when they can no longer be remembered. In my series of work upheavals and outbursts, I am interested in what happens to those memories and events that we choose to forget or ignore, eventually these memories rise to the surface in perhaps an confrontational manner.