Flora Calabrese


Calabrese_1_Climate Change     Calabrese_3_Sky Mater    Calabrese_2_Mama Grasshopper


Artists Statement:

I collect 19th century botanical prints, celestial maps and holy cards. Through the interplay of these antique images, I strive to evoke the timeless presence of the Great Mother archetype, symbolized by the divine feminine in her many cultural forms. All the beautiful icons that I use in my artwork have rich and deep ancient history. I explore relationships between; science & spirituality, women & nature and the feminine & healing.


I was born in Mola di Bari, Italy and I am a longtime Chicago resident. Growing up between cultures and speaking two languages primed me for making art.  I hold a degree in Art Education from DePaul University. My interests have always become my work; I was a Doula and childbirth educator: co-owned and managed one of Chicago’s first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) businesses: published and edited a feminist mothering magazine: studied and worked in Waldorf education and currently I work for a non-profit organization developing teen after-school programming. I make art in the time between.



Email: flora.calabrese@gmail.com